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A creative Filmmaker, primarily interested in Directing and Producing. Motivated to making stories come to life. Currently pursuing my BFA in Film & Television. Incredibly passionate about the art of film making and excited to continue to learn and grow in this dynamic and challenging field. Always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with other creative professionals, and committed to bringing my unique perspective and vision to every project that I work on.


- Knowledge of the whole Filmmaking Process

- Team Work & Collaboration

- Working under Pressure

- Problem Solving

- Movie Magic Scheduling & Budgeting

- Adobe Software Suite


Cigarettes at 9

Director & Co-Producer- Atlanta, GA, USA– (Jan 2023 - Present)

- A independent narrative short film, currently in Post-Production.

- Led a small team of 17 people to bring the project to fruition.

- Worked as the Co-Producer to plan and co-ordinate the film.

- Worked with the actors and DP to bring the script to life.


Producer- Atlanta, GA, USA— (Sep 2023 - Present)

- An independent narrative short film, currently in pre-production.

- Working with the director to make his vison come to fruition on a limited budget


Co-writer, Co-Producer, Director, Editor- Mumbai, India- (July 2022- November 2022)

- A scripted independent music video, currently at over 50,000 Views on YouTube.

- Worked with the artists (Accha Insaan and reesh) to convey their vision.


Writer, Producer, Director & Editor - Atlanta, GA, USA- (Feb 2022 - March 2022)

- A scripted narrative short student film.

- Official Selection: Pune Short Film Festival & International World Film Awards


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film & Television.


Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

11th-12th Grade


RN Podar, Powai, Mumbai, India


+1 (470)-601-1022

+91 97699 50809



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